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Let's Get you started on

your Healing Journey! 


The human body will naturally heal itself when given the proper environment. 

One of the fastest ways to heal thyself is through fasting

(Abstaining from certain or all solid foods)

Fasting with the consumption of Alkaline & Divine, Micro-Nutrient Dense Juices will Cleanse, Replenish, and Regenerate the body on a Cellular Level. 

Preparing for your fast...

to enhance your fasting experience AVOID any meat, dairy, alcohol

for at least 24-48 hrs. prior to your fast and for the duration of your fast 

increase your consumption of water by 75%.

if you are embarking on a raw fast, stock up on your

alkaline fruits and vegetables.

(check AsanaRa's Suggested grocery list below)

make room in your fridge!

What To Expect During the Fast...

Affirmation: "I'm not Hungry, I'm Feeding Myself on a Cellular Level"

- My Sister, @PlantBasedBHill

While everyone's different, detoxing symptoms may include headaches, dizziness, gas, sudden bowel movements, body odor,

weight lost, fatigue, frustration,

healing from trauma, clarity, uninterrupted communication with

Your Highest Self & The Most High.

We recommend that you rest and avoid strenuous activity

for the duration of your fast.

 Feel free to reach out to us for moral support & affirmations Using our Hashtag #TheJuiceSisterCleanse

we suggest that you purchase

asanaRa's seamoss OR cell regeneration capsules

and asanara's iron lion capsules