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Let's Get you started on

your Healing Journey! 


The human body will naturally heal itself when given the proper environment. 

One of the fastest ways to heal thyself is through fasting

(Abstaining from certain or all solid foods)

Fasting with the consumption of Alkaline & Divine, Micro-Nutrient Dense Juices will Cleanse, Replenish, and Regenerate the body on a Cellular Level. 

Preparing for your fast...

to enhance your fasting experience AVOID any meat, dairy, alcohol

for at least 24-48 hrs. prior to your fast and for the duration of your fast 

increase your consumption of water by 75%.

if you are embarking on a raw fast, stock up on your

alkaline fruits and vegetables.

(check AsanaRa's Suggested grocery list below)

make room in your fridge!

What To Expect During the Fast...

Affirmation: "I'm not Hungry, I'm Feeding Myself on a Cellular Level"

- My Sister, @PlantBasedBHill

While everyone's different, detoxing symptoms may include headaches, dizziness, gas, sudden bowel movements, body odor,

weight lost, fatigue, frustration,

healing from trauma, clarity, uninterrupted communication with

Your Highest Self & The Most High.

We recommend that you rest and avoid strenuous activity

for the duration of your fast.

 Feel free to reach out to us for moral support & affirmations Using our Hashtag #TheJuiceSisterCleanse

we suggest that you purchase

asanaRa's seamoss OR cell regeneration capsules

and asanara's iron lion capsules

 to supply your body with adequate minerals while

abstaining from solid foods. 

fasting schedule...

Colon Cleanse 

- Breakfast Juice - Coconut Water 

- Lunch Juice -  Apple Ginger Juice 

- Dinner Juice - Tamarind Juice 

GreenTox Package -  Regenerative Cleanse

- Breakfast Juice - GreenTox Juice

 - Lunch Juice - Sour Power Juice

- Dinner Juice - Pump Up The Volume Juice 

Lymph Cleanse 

- Breakfast Juice - Sweet Melon Juice

- Lunch Juice - Cucumber Cooler Juice

- Dinner Juice - Grape Juice

AsanaRa's Suggested liquid fast Schedule 

4am - 8 am Wake Up! Consume 3 Cups of spring Water - Move Bowels if applicable 

10 am - Take 3 AsanaRa's seamoss or Cell Regeneration

Capsules with Spring Water

12 pm -Breakfast  Juice 

2 pm- Take 3 asanara's Iron Lion(ness) Capsules with spring water

3 pm - Lunch juice

5- 7 pm - Dinner Juice 

You MAY Consume Water & Herbal Tea (without sweetener) throughout the day!


AsanaRa's Suggested raw fast Schedule 

4am - 8 am Wake Up! Consume 3 Cups of Water - Move Bowels if applicable 

10 am - Take 3 AsanaRa's seamoss or Cell Regeneration

Capsules with Spring Water

12 pm -Breakfast  Juice + High water content fruit

2 pm- Take 3 asanara's Iron Lion(ness) Capsules with spring water

3 pm - Lunch juice

5- 7 pm - Dinner Juice +  raw salad (reference suggested grocery list)

You MAY Consume Fruits, Water & Herbal Tea throughout the day! 

...Transitioning to Solid Food

Breaking fast is just as important as the fast itself. 


To Break Fast, Consume Spring water &  a mono meal of fruit 

one of the fruits listed below

(Cantaloupe, Honey Dew, Crenshaw Melon, WaterMelon, Grapes) 

in a small portion (handful) to stimulate digestive system  

However, if you are uncomfortable eating solids at this time,

consume 1 cup of coconut milk or a mono smoothie blended with spring water. 

do not mix fruit for your first meal. 

for lunch, consume spring water & one high water content fruit listed above. 

 if your food digested well, 

have a simple salad with high water content fruits like 

cucumber and tomato. 

- no dressing, enjoy the taste and flavor of fresh fruit! - 

*During the fast, you may have experienced 

liquid bowel movements as the body began to dissolve the mucoid plaque

Transitioning to solid foods may cause constipation 

High Raw Salads are best until bowels are moving with ease.

 Wait 2-3 days before incorporating Fibrous/ Fatty Fruits

e.g. Avocado, Nuts (to reduce Sulfates combating foul gas) 

You may consume hemp seeds during this time. 

after 3-4 days began adding cooked foods to your high raw salad as a topping (e.g. quinoa, chickpeas, mushrooms, etc)

Rule of Thumb: It may take half the number of days you fasted

to return to your standard diet.

(e.g. 10 day Liquid Fast will take a 5 day transition period)

we suggest that you avoid meat, dairy, soy, flour, processed foods,

sugar & alcohol during this transition period.


AsanaRa's Suggested Grocery List 

(This list is inspired by dr. sebi and the afro biomineral balance program. For more information + access to alkaline List Click here Nutritional Guide – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

All Fruits & Veggies should be SEEDED

Code #4 - Conventionally Grown

Code #9 - Organically Grown

AVOID Code #3 & #8 - GMO Grown 

Crystal Geyser Water ($1 Gallon -Dollar Tree/ Family Dollar)
Melons (Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Green Melon)




 Berries (Only Organic, Fresh or Frozen)

Mango (Fresh or Frozen)
Seeded Grapes


Lettuce (All Except Iceberg, Only Organic)

Kale (Only Organic)

Dandelion Greens



Tomatoes (Grape/Roma)


Mushrooms (All Except Shitake) 

Cucumber (Only Organic, Remove Skin if Not Organic)


Zucchini (Only Organic, Remove Skin if Not Organic)

Hemp Seeds 

Coconut Milk 

give thanks


Thank You for Investing in Your Health.

 It Elevates Us All!

Let us know if you have any questions! 

& Don't forget to tag us on Social Media!

IG: AsanaRaHolisticCare_


Health is Wealth Family!


With Love, Healing & Comfort, 

~AsanaRa, The Juice Sister 


Disclaimer: The information provided by AsanaRa.Store &

our corresponding mobile applications/social media is for general informational purposes only.

AsanaRa is not a medical professional. Therefore, this information should not be substituted

for advice from a qualified licensed health care provider. 

The use or reliance of any information included on this site AsanaRa.Store

and our respective online applications is solely at your own risk.

Please consult your health care provider if you have any health concerns.

Proceed with Discernment, Intention and Faith to become your most Aligned Self, in Optimal Health. 

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