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Here at AsanaRa Holistic Care,

We Believe in Simplicity, Sustainability and Self Sufficiency.


~ AsanaRa Holistic Care ~

AsanaRa Holistic Care is the Holistic Approach to Achieving, Sustaining & Maintaining the best version of ourselves.  AsanaRa's mission is to combat health related ailments through simple skin care, healthy foods and a balanced lifestyle.  AsanaRa Holistic Care is all-encompassing of her Skin Care Line of Shea Butter Based Body Butters to an comprehensive Detox Program highlighting her latest Alkaline Juices, Herbal Teas & Capsules featuring superfoods like SeaMoss & Burdock Root. AsanaRa's goal is to help you reach your most Alkaline & Divine state through the utmost care and attentiveness to what goes in and on your body. Join us on our journey to Optimal Health!

AsanaRa Products